• Love your gym?

  • But hate their showers?

    That's why we invented KLEAN

    With it’s patent-pending quick drying design, KLEAN's drainage system make them the perfect pair of shoes for the gym, locker room, spa, dorm, or hotel.


    But KLEAN is not just for the shower. Their unique ventilation holes keep your feet cool throughout the day, be it at the beach, running errands, grabbing lunch at the mall. By keeping your feet cool, they cut down on the amount of perspiration, making it harder for bacteria to thrive, which is what makes regular flipflops smelly and look unsightly. They are made of an antimicrobial and slip resistant silicon to further help protect your feet from mold, fungus and bacteria.


    Oh, and when they're not in use, they snap together making them easier to find or carry.


    Why wear a traditional flip flop every again?


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